Horse racing betting is very popular with Australian punters, and now access is increased thanks to the massive boom in mobile technology. You don’t have to attend the races in person, or even be able to lay a wager on your desktop or laptop computer anymore, the tiny gadget you make use of every day will do just fine. Use your Windows, iOS, Blackberry or Android device to get to the horse racing tips you need to garner the payouts you deserve.

Australian punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to first class horse racing, and can select from the Victoria Derby, VRC Oaks and Caulfield and Melbourne Cups, to name a few. Make use of the horse racing tips available here to increase your chances of a payout at the end of them as you take advantage of the true meaning of 24 hour access to the sportsbooks here.

Tips for Betting on Horses

Thanks to the first rate horses, jockeys and tracks this country provides, horse racing is one of the most popular forms of online and mobile betting in Australia, and horse racing tips are that much more valuable. With a wide variety of bets to choose from, the strategy hints provided by experienced bettors become indispensable.

Win bets are the favourite, by a long shot, and require the Australian punter to select the animal to take first place. Place betting extends this choice to include the second and third place, and Each Way bets double everything up. You collect twice if the horse you named wins, and collect even if it comes in second or third.

Futures betting is where your horse racing tips will come in handy, as the further in advance the wager is made the higher the payout. Information on the history of the animal and its rider, its win and loss records and its ability to handle the track in question can ensure you make a correct estimation very far ahead of the outcome of the race and so affect the payout you receive for the better.

Different Horse Bets

Australian mobile punters are spoiled for choice, and can choose from a wide array of more exotic bets to apply their horse racing tips to as well. Use your new found knowledge to correctly predict the first three places of a race to scoop a trifecta bet, or include the fourth with a first four wager.

Best Horse Racing Tips

The best racing tips take a number of factors into account, and a thorough study of the previous performance of the horse and its rider is not least of these. Whether your selection is more suited to a certain type of track, and suffers as a result of different weather patterns is vitally important, and can make or break your bet decision. Let the mistakes and triumphs of bettors who have gone before you help make your current experience a winning one, and take advantage of the horse racing tips available here.