Greyhound betting is one of the oldest forms of betting. It’s a pretty simple concept that many believe dates back to farmers in the 18th Century. A graceful, elegant dog, the breed’s focus is one that has been marvelled at for years by both spectators of the sport and owners of the breed. Of course, as the years went by, live greyhound betting remained a constant hobby that entertained thousands of people all over the world, especially in Australia. This eventually trickled down to mobile betting, which provided a welcome platform to fans of greyhound racing, as it meant that their hobby had become far more convenient and accessible.

Greyhound Racing Background

While farmers initially used greyhounds to help them control the population of rabbits on their land, they soon noticed how quick and responsive the dogs were. From this, the idea of greyhound racing was born. It is believed that farmers entered their hounds competitively and then started placing bets on who they thought would win.

Before long, they had attracted quite an audience, many of whom were also keen to place their own bets on the races. While it may be several centuries later, the sentiment still rings true. It has just become much easier to participate now, as Australia has a host of mobile sports betting sites that afford punters the opportunity to place live greyhound betting whenever they want to.

Types of Greyhound Bets

When it comes to live greyhound betting, there are a few simple things to consider. For one, you need to know as much about the hound you are betting on as possible. For example, knowing his or her age and track record will benefit you when you’re deciding where to place your bets. Within Australia, there are two simple kinds of mobile bets.

Punters can either choose a Place bet, which means they win if their hound comes either first or second. Alternatively, there is the option of a Show bet, which punters wil receive a payout for if their selected greyhound finishes within the top three. These are just some of the live greyhound betting options on offer and iPhone, iPad and Android users can determine how complex the bets the want to place can be.

Live Greyhound Betting on Races

When it comes to live greyhound betting, one of the most important factors to consider is which mobile site you should place your bets from. Generally, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one, as there are several available within Australia as the activity is completely legal. However, we review and compare them and bring you the best ones. This will help you make the right decision when it comes to finding the perfect mobile betting site to suit your needs.

Australia has a wealth of live greyhound betting sites to choose from. Most of them offer fantastic options for where to place your bets. It will make for an exciting addition to your list of hobbies. As long as you do your research and make informed decisions, finding the perfect site, as well as the perfect hound to bet on will serve you well and lead you to generous rewards. Get betting now and win big with greyhound racing betting optimised for you mobile.