There is no sport quite like golf and the intense competition, tense moments and nail biting action make this game incredibly exciting to watch and even better to place golf bets on. With massive golf tournaments such as the PGA Tour, US Open and Master Tournament there are plenty of golf betting opportunities for golf enthusiasts to sink their teeth into.

As players polish their clubs and make sure their caddies are ready for action, a large portion of their spectatorship has taken to golf betting. And for good reason, because it has become an easy way to show support for your favourite golfer, while at the same time, creates an opportunity for punters to reap some generous rewards. This was made even easier by the addition of mobile betting sites and punters across Australian can now place golf bets on the result they think will become a reality for their iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry.

Understanding Golf Bets

Golf, and in turn golf betting, often seem complicated. However, at the root of it, it revolves around quite a basic structure. The key points to the rules of golf are simple and involve basic principles that have been adopted throughout the world. The official handbook of the sport, used internationally, says that players are to hit the balls just as they land and they are to play the course just as they find it. In other words, they may not alter the course or move the ball around.

Furthermore, there are also strict guidelines with regards to the dress, behaviour and code of conduct concerning players. This has only contributed towards building excitement for punters in Australia, as it means that golf players are all up against the same set of rules, making the sport that much more cut-throat. At the end of the day, the golf bets punters place from their mobile devices become more exciting.

The Rise of Betting Golf

While golf may be a sport widely enjoyed in Australia, the history of the sport is said to date back to Scotland in the 15th Century. In those days, it is believed that instead of golf clubs and golf balls, players made use of a bent stick and a leather ball. However, none of the above information can be varified. But as the game spread throughout the world, it became increasingly popular, and it still is, as is evident in the success of mobile golf betting. Either way, Australia has seen no signs of punters slowing down when it comes to golf. If anything, mobile golf betting is on the rise.

Golf Betting Opportunities

Mobile betting has brought with it an unparalleled power that has seen all manner of devices, from iPads to mobile phones, supporting the software developed. With such a strong array of state of the art supporting devices, Masters golf betting in Australia is becoming easier and easier.

Combining the principles of a sport like golf, loved by millions of people all over the world, with innovative pastimes like golf betting from your mobile phone, has opened up a whole new world of entertainment. So, back your favourite golfer and win big now at the mobile sportsbooks that we recommend for Australians.